Psychometric fingerprints provide unparalleled audience insights.

Our Explainable AI visualizes the unique psychometric signal that characterizes key sets of users in your CRM, amongst your website visitors, or users who engage with your mobile app or ads. Pinpoint allows you to see in granular detail who’s really interested in your products and why.

These fingerprint insights serve as valuable feedback for your media and creative strategies. They come with a suite of analyses that allow you to personalize content for your customers better than ever before.

The best part about these Thinkalike® Insights is that they’re fully actionable; they automatically convert into the perfect custom Thinkalike® Audience that they describe.

Pinpoint takes the Psychometric Fingerprints of your engaged users and automatically converts them into a custom psychometric Thinkalike® Audience. Our Engine ranks over 240 million person-based IDs in order, from the customer who’s most likely to buy your next product, to the user who’s least likely to ever engage.

Percentile-based buying provides the only way to discover your ad’s full market interest.

On the buy side, you can start with the top 1.0% of people most interested in your product. Then, users can be served ads down this percentile spectrum in a nice, smooth way until the full market reach of your ad is discovered. Our percentile-based segments give you deep transparency and control over your audience data.

With conventional audience segments, in contrast:

  • You only know if you’re getting better or worse performance than the last one you tried;
  • You can’t know if you’re truly reaching the most valuable audience members in the whole population;
  • Any time you combine conventional segments, your reach drops substantially; and
  • When you max out on these segments, performance plummets.

Thinkalike® audiences elegantly solve all of these issues.

Significant engagement boosts

Pinpoint’s Thinkalike® audiences deliver returns that are up to 320% higher than lookalike audiences. Key Performance Indicators move up and down the percentile spectrum in a predictable way.

Thinkalike® audiences can be run across over 150 major social and programmatic ad platforms.



These heat maps provide powerful targeting for out of home messaging, store analyses, and direct mail, among other applications.
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